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If you are a cricket lover and want to earn money, you can easily choose bookmaker Lotusbook 247 for online cricket betting. Lotusbook 247 is one of the largest online betting sites. It is the safe and largest exchange company from United Kingdom, London. You can utilize your cricket knowledge and place a bet on this site. If you are worrying that you might lose something while betting, you can earn a large sum of money with the proper guidance and direction. Lotusbook 247 is one of the safest and secure sites you can rely on for your online betting.

Lotusbook 247 is excellent for sports, but it does not offer much good experience in the casino. Lotusbook 247 is the most trusted website in India.

How to place bets using LotusBook 247?

To start betting, the initial requirement is a betting Id, a simple username, and a password that you need to generate before logging into the account. To get a username and password for beginners, you need to deposit a minimum of Rs 5000 to start your account.

1. First, you need to log in to your Lotusbook 247 account.
2. Click on the menu bar on the top left corner and scroll until you find the ‘cricket’ option.
3. After clicking on the ‘cricket’ option, you will find several matches on that site after choosing the match you want to bet on.
4. After selecting the match, you want to bet on, choose your stake and click on the ‘Place Bet.’
5. This way, you will place your first bet on Lotusbook 247

Choose the preferred Deposit option.

For depositing the money, you need to first contact the bookie for depositing the amount; you cannot quickly deposit the amount like this.

LotusBook 247 lets us pay in Indian INR if you belong to India and let you pay in your currency, but there is one restriction on LotusBook 247: they do not accept credit cards while accepting the payments. There are many depositing options like;

Debit Cards
Credit cards
Prepaid Cards

Withdrawal Procedure

The same procedure as with the withdrawal procedure; you need first to inform your bookie and then tell him that you want to withdraw your winning amount; after giving him the details of your bank account, he will credit the amount in your bank account.

If you have a premium account, you can withdraw on any day, but if you have a minimum account, you can withdraw only on Tuesday and Friday.


So this is the procedure of opening an account on the LotusBook247, the procedure is simple, but the most difficult is betting. Choosing the right team to bet on can change your life entirely. All the live matches and games are regularly updated on their site. And you can choose the team on which you want to bet on. The best part of Lotusbook247 is that you can watch the live match you have bet on. After betting on any match, you can see the statics in the My Market section.